Our activities

Jyorei booth

We set up Jyorei booth at the market in Bandra on Sunday, and share Jyorei as a trial session.

This booth is providing for everyone to experience divine blessings through Jyorei.

We hope it will be an opportunity for people to learn more about our activities and philosophy.

On Sunday from 9:00AM to 1:00PM

Monthly Sampai

We hold a ceremony called Monthly Sampai once a month, and chant traditional Japanese prayer and share Jyorei with participants.

Afterwards, we learn more about Meishusama’s teachings from Sensei’s speech and deepen your knowledge and sense to improve your lives.

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Japanese tea ceremony

“Japanese tea ceremony” is a cultural activity that has elevated the task of preparing and serving tea for guests to an art form. It’s usually called “Sado” in Japan.

A host invites several guests to a small room and serves matcha. This is a heartfelt communication of preparing and enjoying tea and also it’s a comprehensive art of Japan because it connects with the traditional Japanese art such as architecture, flower arrangement, landscaping, ceramics and kimono.

You can experience the spirit of Japanese hospitality and admire historical items. I hope you have a peaceful time together.

Welcome visitors

Shumei Mumbai centre is located in Thane, Mumbai.

We gladly accept visitors anytime.

You can receive Jyorei and take a lesson about Shumei’s philosophy.

We are waiting for your visit.